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Halo Jr Max Feed Sensor


This sensor allows you to control the feed system more efficiently. Halo Jr. Max Feed Sensor has a smaller size for easier installation — the inlet and outlet are 3 1/2″.

The Halo Jr Max Feed Sensor takes the place of proximity switches or hopper level switches. The infrared sensor design allows the sensor to detect a variety of feed densities and flow rates without adjustment.

Unlike a proxy switch, changes in temperature, moisture, humidity or feed density will not impact the sealed HaloJrMax infrared sensors.

Wire the Halo Jr. Max directly to the feed motor and power source or through a control box to integrate backup safety switches: Compatable with Chore Time and AP FLX-4512 control units.

Halo uses an infrared sensor and fully featured electronics to manage a livestock feed system. The sealed plastic enclosure resists corrosion and the harsh barn environment.

The Halo Jr Max Feed sensor max run minutes control prevents unwanted feed spills and excess wear on the motor when feed bins run empty.

The delay Start Timer delays the feed motor start until the specified delayed time has passed. This feature prevents short-cycling of the motor increasing the motor life-span.

The HaloJr Max feed control sensor is simple to install and simple to use.  Simply connect the unit below the drop boot at the end of the feed line and install a 3.5″ drop tube below the Halo.

Weight 56 oz
Dimensions 6.7 × 7.3 × 9.7 in
Halo Feed system control

Halo feed system control, infrared sensor